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  • 2018 Summary of Benefits…Coming Soon
  • 2018 List of Drugs (Formulary)…Coming Soon
  • Certain prescription drugs that require prior authorization may be covered under Medicare Part B or D. Information may need to be submitted telling us the use and setting of the drug to make the decision.
  • 2018 Member Handbook…Coming Soon
  • Over-the-Counter brochure…Coming Soon
  • Multi-Language Interpreter Services…Coming Soon
  • 2018 Request for Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage Determination…Coming Soon (You cannot use this form for Medicare non-covered drugs: fertility drugs, drugs prescribed for weight loss, weight gain or hair growth, over the counter drugs, or prescription vitamins (except prenatal vitamins and fluoride preparations).
  • Hospice Prior Authorization Form
  • Prescription Drug Mail Order

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Fall 2017...Coming Soon

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